Grant Supported Opportunities

Students may apply directly to the International Mission Board to serve in one of the Send Me Now Opportunities. Students who are approved to serve may apply for a Send Me Now grant. Grants cover all field costs up to $1200 and paid directly to the International Mission Board.

The opportunities listed below are recommended opportunities. If you find another opportunity on that interests you, please contact Warren Skinner at to learn if it is eligible for a Send Me Now grant.




South Asia

Nehemiah Teams

Grant Applications

Deadline for Grant Applications is March 1, 2023.

Fully Funded Opportunities

This year, Send Me Now is offering two short-term international teams, which are fully funded. Teams are comprised of a limited number of students. To apply and be approved for one of these teams, students must meet the following qualifications and complete the application and appointment process. Each of these teams will be led by a Georgia BCM campus minister or Georgia Baptist church minister.

Application and Appointment Process

For Fully Funded Opportunities

Application deadline for fully funded opportunities was November 30, 2022.

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