Telling the Story

  • As missionaries, we all have a responsibility to TELL THE STORY! Help us out by telling part of your story here:

  • Numbers do not tell the whole story but they do tell part of the story!

    You may not have a NUMERICAL answer for each of these, but please give us your best NUMBER estimate. Include any necessary explanations in "additional comments" below.
  • Please explain in "Additional Comments" below.
  • Application Fee Refund and Expense Reimbursement

    All reimbursement requests must be submitted no later than August 31. No requests will be accepted after that date. Reimbursement may be requested for: 1) Mileage—one round-trip AND/OR 2)Checked Baggage—FIRST BAG ONLY--RECEIPTS ARE REQUIRED!! All other reimbursement is subject to prior approval. Your address is REQUIRED to receive expense reimbursement and/or application fee refund! Expense Reimbursement for VOLUNTEER opportunities only!! Reimbursement and Application fee refund will only be issued if ALL information is submitted. If you choose NOT to receive reimbursement, leave those items blank.
    If you complete all the requirements, you may be entitled to a refund of your $50 application fee. If you choose to receive a refund, you must include your current mailing address below. No address means no refund!!
  • Enter your total mileage for one round-trip from your home to the location of your mission team or the airport. DO NOT include any mileage at your mission team location unless you have prior approval.
  • If you paid a fee for your FIRST bag, enter the amount here and email your receipt to
  • If you paid for a COVID test that was required for travel, enter the amount here and email your receipt to
  • If you paid for any other reimbursable requirement for SendMeNow, enter the amount here and email your receipt to Reimbursements for additional items will not be paid without prior approval.