2022 Summer Missions Opportunities

The list of opportunities below is not complete.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please check back later for updates.  This year is more unpredictable than most as you have already experienced.  Please be in prayer for the ministries across this country and around the world who are making tough decisions about the future.

And pray for God’s guidance; He may simply be asking you to apply and trust HIM for the rest!


Volunteer Opportunities – Unless otherwise noted, all opportunities are VOLUNTEER!!  Expect no pay or stipend.  Expenses and travel arrangements will be taken care of for you.  Your meals, housing and transportation on the field will be taken care of by either your host supervisor or by SendMeNow. (see all volunteer opportunities)

Medical Opportunities – Priority for these projects is given to students who have supervised clinical (hospital) experience as part of their coursework, volunteer or employment.  Second priority is given to upperclassmen who are entering a medical or healthcare field. (see all medical opportunities)

PAID Opportunities – These projects offer a salary to students.  No travel assistance is provided by SendMeNow and an additional application may be required for those selected for these projects. (see all paid opportunities)

Baptist – if a ministry project is requesting Baptist students, please understand that this indicates they are only looking for students who are members of a Southern Baptist Church. (see all Baptist opportunities)